The preorder window for Women Behind the Plow has closed. Books are available for $75 plus $10 shipping and handling. ND residents add local sales tax to $85 for each book ordered.

ALSO available “Ready for School” $19.95 plus $10 shipping and handling.

Save on shipping by ordering your copy at the same time as Women Behind the Plow.

Separate order blank HERE.

Germans from Russia article in the North Dakota Horizons Magazine.

We are no longer offering Ewiger Saatz for sale…



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  2. onefiddler says:

    I live in Canada, is the cost for shipping the same, or will you have the cookbook available at the GRHS Convention in Bismarck in July 2013? Thanks.


    • Prairie Legacy - German Russian Country says:

      I would bet the shipping would be more expensive… so, here’s the deal. If you order a book and write on the order blank that you will pick it up at the convention I will be demonstrating one of those days and could bring it with me. I would maybe bring more also. Just write that on the blank that you will be in Bismarck at the convention in July and will pick it up from Sue. How’s that?


  3. trisha janko says:

    how do we order one of these books, im not seeing anything to click on?


  4. Joe Gross says:

    This is a great book!!! This is the heritage of my parents & grandparents. I have bought one for each of my kids. I haven’t delivered them yet, so I have been borrowing them out, The problem is I have gotten very few back!!! I keep ordering more from Sue, I think the neighbors think we’re dealing drugs in the driveway!! Great job Sue!!


  5. Jennifer Haugen says:

    Do you still have books available? I am hoping you do!


    • Prairie Legacy - German Russian Country says:

      We do. $75. plus shipping or you can find them at the heritage center in Bismarck or or …


  6. What about the Ready for School book? How do folks order that?


  7. Connie Arones Gunderson says:

    My mother was born in Wishek. I would love to purchase the cookbook. Most of my mother’s recipes were in her head. I have managed to replicate some, but would love to read the cookbook. Please let me know how to purchase it.


    • Prairie Legacy - German Russian Country says:

      I am so sorry, as my emails were screwed up and i have not been getting these comments. I will try and get you some book ordering information. We are down to the last few.


  8. Marlyn Kauk says:

    I am interested in “Women Behind the Plow.” I was born in Wishek have lived in Richmond, CA since my father came here during World War II to work in the shipyards. I have visited Wishek many times over the year since I and my husband had relatives in the area. Please tell me how to order “Women Behind the Plow.” Marlyn Kauk


    • spidersue says:

      I just sent an order blank you your email address…. watch for it and we look forward to your comments on the book when it arrives. SUE


      • Connie Gunderson says:

        Any chance there will be a reprint of the cook book? My mother was born in Wishek. She died in 1994 and most of her recipes were in her head. Through trial and error and help from older cousins, I have been able to replicate some recipes, but I would love a copy of your cookbook.

        Connie Arones Gunderson 5906 S 155th St Omaha, NE 68137

        Connie Arones Gunderson Sent from my iPhone



      • spidersue says:

        Connie, i am sending you an email… it will be coming from sue


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