Imagine being stormed in … for weeks?

It’s been a long time since this blog has seen any real action, however as we begin to earnestly work on the book, Women Behind the Plow, it will again be a snapshot of the rich interviews that have been conducted with German Russian women from the Tri-County area of Emmons County, Logan County and McIntosh County, N.D.

Whew that was a long sentence.

North winds are redistributing snow today, filling in the already narrow path that leads to the county road winding to the highway that takes us into town. Oh, we would be okay out here for a long time given the supply of meat and vegetables we have stored just for winter use. But, imagine not being able to get to town for a month or two because of the snowbanks reaching the eves of your house.

Well, one of the interviews placed on the pages of the Tri-County Tourism’s book project Women Behind the Plow provides a little, somewhat humorous, insight into life on the High Plains without roads and snowplows, much less the Internet, so I can reach out to you this blustery morning.

FROM THE INTERVIEW WITH Alice (Rohrich) Kramer:

“Well, you know it was in ‘54, I didn’t get out of the house for three full months,” Alice said. “Three full months, we had so much snow. There were no roads; we didn’t have good roads at that time. You couldn’t travel. So, the neighbors, my brother and the neighbors, and Pete, they took the sled and drove to Temvik. Jake Kuntz used to live there and he took them down to Linton with the car to get groceries and stuff. Oh, did he buy groceries at that time? Everything big.”
Pete stocked up not knowing when he would be able to return for more supplies.
Alice said, “We were getting low on groceries. And for two weeks, we had money, but we didn’t get to town. All we ate was eggs. You didn’t have to say what did you cook today; it was how have you got the eggs.”
Pete laughed and confirmed the time they ate so many eggs that the question was never “Honey, what have you cooked today?”  It was instead, “Honey, how have you got the eggs today?”

Imagine that?

The book will be filled with old photos, stories and family history coinciding with the traveling photo exhibit of the same name. So we are asking as you contemplate your good fortune at not having to travel anywhere today (if you are in the storm area of central and western North Dakota) and be on the lookout for the presale of Women Behind the Plow.

Book cover reveal coming before Christmas.Stay warm and safe.


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One Response to Imagine being stormed in … for weeks?

  1. Kimm M Schmitt says:

    Enjoy catching up on you, Sue….Merry Christmas from a long lost relative….Kimm Kirschman Schmitt


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