The proof is in the mail

It’s pretty nerve wracking to get the proof of a book back from the printers. It means that when you take one last look at it… you let it go. It’s like launching a child after high school. Out into the world it goes – and you are no longer in control. If you made any mistakes you hope that they won’t be life-threatening ones; if you did good, you hope someone will recognize your good work; and lastly you wish for only goodness to come to everyone who has a chance to see your work.

So here it is, the day we let go of Ready for School, the Tri-County Tourism Alliance’s latest book project. It’s small, just a memory-jogging light read with awesome photos.

Yesterday, I toured Legacy High School in Bismarck. I can only say, it was more than overwhelming to see the many rooms, alternative classrooms, the spacious lunch area, lots of light, an auditorium to beat all auditoriums. Education has changed greatly.

That doesn’t prevent us from savoring the way it used to be, in its infancy here in North Dakota. The alliance is proud to be a part of the preservation of these memories and we are hoping that reading this book will evoke your own sweet memories of childhood and school.

web cover shot

This cover photos remains the reason we compiled these tidbits of joy. It was a photo from the
collection of Rose (Voller) Glas, Linton, North Dakota. Glued to the page of an old black scrapbook, someone had written across the page, “ready for school.” What a perfect reminder of what it was like being a student attending country schools – a lunch pail, text books and a good laugh. Pictured are (l-r) Steve, Betty and Hilda Voller. Circa 1930s.

So, please order your books as soon as possible. As always, we are limited in the number we are printing. The cover will be printed on velvet-touch paper. You will love the feel.

Have you stories to share? Please email them and photos with descriptions and years to PS: Clicking on that will direct you to the order blank…




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