Order blank for pre-ordering Ready for School

Here is the order blank for anyone interested in purchasing Ready for School as we get ready to go to print. Pre-orders of 5 books receive one free. Get a copy for every member of your family.

Here is the order blank for you to download. If you have questions, please call 701-527-5169 and leave a message. Thank you for your support. As always the profits from this publication will go to more preservation work in the Tri-County Area….



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Working on books, working, gardening, baking, canning, knitting, crocheting, reading, walking, getting older, getting wiser, love my children, love love love my grandchildren.
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3 Responses to Order blank for pre-ordering Ready for School

  1. Donna Eszlinger says:

    My grandmother always told us her story, as a young child, she and her sisters, were walking home from school in the Winter, and Elizabeth, age about 7-8 had lost her gloves,, it was horribly cold, and she froze her fingers, by the time the dad came with his wagon and team of horses, in an on coming blizzard, by the time they got home her fingers were white, and hard as ice cycles. they packed her hands in home made sour krout out of their huge barrel, layer after layer, to try and thaw out those little hands so she wouldn’t get gangrene on them, she was in horrible pain as those hands started to get feeling back into them. They were able to save her hands, but they were stunted and never grew to full size as her fingers were short little stubs, with deformed finger nails, She grew to women hood, married and had a family, but in looking back she did the same work as any other pioneer women with those little hands and fingers, she made the best knepfla soup, home made noodles, raised her chickens, milked cows, and could she play that piano by ear, and sing, and lived well into her 90’s. What an inspiration she was to her family.


  2. Prairie Legacy - German Russian Country says:

    Now that’s an awesome story, one we did not have in our book, not this time anyway…


  3. Prairie Legacy - German Russian Country says:

    I changed my mind, it was too good to leave out…. so it’s in the book…


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