Women Behind the Plow

By this time every year, my mother had her Christmas shopping done. It freed up her holidays to cook. To this day, at 85, she still apologizes for not being able to cook a full meal for the holidays.

Over the years, I have picked up a few things from my mom… organizational skills, cooking skills, parenting skills. After all this time, I still call her with questions about cooking or canning or life on the farm.

I am becoming my mother. As we all are. I’m going to quit apologizing for it.

The Tri-Country Tourism Alliance’s photo exhibition currently being hung in Cando, is about women like my mother. Women who grew up on the farm and worked alongside their husbands outdoors and then turned around and cared for large families and duties indoors.

While the years have sugared up those memories they all say the same thing… “Today’s kids could not work as hard as we had to.” The stories are about work. And, the work didn’t seem so bad, as it was necessary; and not out of the ordinary for each and every family. It was a given that everyone pitched in to survive. Women Behind the Plow gives us just a wee glimpse of what life on the farm was like.What these women were like.

And, the other day I received a phone call from someone in Wishek who strangely enough was not related to me. She said, “I have your brochure from Women Behind the Plow.”

“Oh, did you see the exhibit?”

“Yes, can I buy the book?”

“Ummmmm. Well…..there isn’t a book, yet.”

“I will keep this paper and you let me know when I can buy the book.”

And, so it begins my friends. The Tri-County Tourism Alliance voted to create a companion coffee table book to Ewiger Saatz called – yes, you guessed it… Women Behind the Plow.

A good part of the project will be connecting you to the progress through this blog. So expect weekly updates on the progress and short snippets into the lives of the women we interviewed. Yes, we can accept submissions – we are always looking for photos of farm life and memories of mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts and you working on the farm in the tri-county area.

Based on those interviews and witnessing first-hand my “roots” I’m rather proud to be a child of the Germans from Russia. Based on my interviews and family history, my husband tells people, “Sue will live to be a 100.”

Well, I  may or may not, but I hope I have as much sparkle and life as these “Women Behind the Plow.”

See you next week.


About spidersue

Working on books, working, gardening, baking, canning, knitting, crocheting, reading, walking, getting older, getting wiser, love my children, love love love my grandchildren.
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4 Responses to Women Behind the Plow

  1. Love the idea of your book,Women Behind the Plow. Look forward to reading it. Please include some stories from Mercer and Oliver county also. There were some amazing farm women there also. I so miss living among that history and the Russian German traditions etc. enjoy your project. Marlene Reich Swearingen


  2. Prairie Legacy - German Russian Country says:

    This project once again included only the Tri-County Area… however, as soon as we have the manpower and support, we will begin branching out to other areas of the state.


  3. Donna Eszlinger says:

    I will want to purchase a book, when it comes available, this is history that needs to be preserved for our kids and grandkids, before it all becomes lost to them. so glad to hear it will be in book form


  4. Prairie Legacy - German Russian Country says:

    Did you see the exhibit…. thank you Donna. We will keep you posted on this site.


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