The stories they tell

Funny how people begin to recall their life on the farm as the best time ever. Yes, the work was difficult, daily, strenuous and sometime dangerous; but they wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

In fact, they hang on to tidbits from the past whether photos, letters, trinkets or even stones from an old rock pile in the middle of a field.

In listening to the interviews done over the past two years, I find myself getting goosebumps as I really hear the stories. During the process of interviewing some 12 vintage ladies who grew up on farms in Logan County, McIntosh County and Emmons County, my mind is tasked with the logistics of recording. Is my mike working, has my camera paused, did I forget to plug something in….

As we ready for the premier of the “Women Behind the Plow” exhibit Wednesday, Oct. 14, I am recalling the stories and mannerisms of those beautiful women from days gone by.

It’s been a busy year and keeping up with this blog has not been very regular. I am hoping, however, to get in the habit again as I gear up to compile a new book for the Tri-County Tourism Alliance with these interviews and fabulous photos.

Your support and words of encouragement are very important as we continue to save some of the history of these people.

If you haven’t purchased a copy of Ewiger Saatz yet, you must … it is going fast. And, if you have any doubts about its importance there is a beautiful review in the current issue of the ND History Magazine available in the museum store.

I have attached a pdf file of the review  – not nearly as nice as the real thing – for you to see the book from another’s perspective. We love it – but we love the people behind it… and in it… and you – our fans.



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2 Responses to The stories they tell

  1. Donna Eszlinger says:

    Do I read right that you are doing a book of all the interviews of the women behind the plow?? as much as I love the first book you did, I so hope you will do one with this History of the women,, those stories will never be told after these legends are gone.. so look forward to reading the next book.. Thank You Sue..


  2. Prairie Legacy - German Russian Country says:

    I really want to cause i have some awesome information and photos, i need to find the time and some money, i am working on a proposal to the alliance for a salary to do the book,, now i have to get on the photo exhibit… and its summer… 🙂 LOVE YOU and thanks for you support.


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