After the holidays, our thoughts turn to seeds

That’s right. Now that the holidays have passed, and winter has bite into our lives with a vengeance; it’s time to start thinking spring. Sure, it may be -50 with the windchill, but that brings out the best in all of us as we carry on our day-to-day duties with a wee bit more care and consideration for our neighbors. After all, you cannot allow anyone to sit in a stalled car without coming to their rescue, it would be breaking the code of the north.

I spent my first week of the new year in New York. We flew into a blizzard on Jan. 1 which made for some logistical nightmares for the meeting organizers. I did however, have a wonderful, albeit chilly, time at Hawthorne Valley Farms and Won Dharma Buddist retreat.

While at the farm we visited their sauerkraut production room. I was amazed that folks had never made sauerkraut before and the price of a pint ranged from $6 yo $17. You heard correctly. They made it in 50-gallon drums lined with heavy food-grade plastic and filled the pints by hand. They made regular, jalapeno, and spiced as well as carrots and kimchi. Which we ate Korean dishes at the Won Dharma center – a delightful change of pace from our Northern Plains dough food, soups and stews of winter.

Well, that brings me to the urge to eat pickles. We made lots of quarts of picked green beans and cukes this summer and are always asked to share those with our family and friends at holiday dinners.

But this year we have surpassed our vision of fermentation and had to record this little video.

My Grandmother Kaseman made the most effervescent pickles in the world. I loved them and she was proud to share when we came to visit. At last, long last, I have accomplished the effervescent pickle and here is proof. I have also mastered the art of wild capture yeast bread and will be sharing that in upcoming webinars… you can sign up for those at

So, now we begin our search for seeds, for gardens, for whatever – to dream perchance to escape the cold winter winds…

In the meantime, going to get me a pickle – Gute Essen.


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