Give an everlasting gift

If someone had told me three years ago when we formed the Tri-County Tourism Alliance that our first book project would have been so successful, I would have laughed.

It was a great project, with no funding, just a dream… a vision about what a book about the food culture of the Germans from Russia would look like. Everyone said, “We don’t need another cookbook. Everyone is printing a cookbook.”

Well, this book ended up more than a cookbook. It was a peek into the past, whether we remember it or our parents or grandparents. There’s something spiritual about the book. And, I’m not bragging when I say we have sold more than half of the printed copies.

Think of what a wonderful gift this book would be for someone who is interested in food or history. Or maybe someone who lives a long way from here but has roots in North Dakota. The Tri-County Tourism Alliance receives 100 percent of the proceeds from the book. The money is going to be used, wisely we hope, to further capturing the culture of this unique group of people while we still have the opportunity to speak to them directly.

Here’s our Christmas deal. If you buy a book for someone for $75, we will gift wrap it, put it in a box and ship it anywhere in the U.S. for free.

If you want to pick them up. The first book is $75 and additional copies are $55. As you know we have to pay sales tax and shipping and supplies like boxes and tape. All the work is volunteer. All the work that went into the book was volunteer. Research for the book was paid in part by the State Historical Society of North Dakota – Yeah for that.

We are finding out that many folks have never heard of this book even though we are still selling copies like mad. So, I’m writing this plea to you out there to spread the word. Show off your copy… talk about it. Help us meet our goal and sell the remaining copies for Christmas gifts… we are always looking for folks to assist with projects… join our group and say nice things about the hard working committee that hopes to put the tri-county area on the map.


September’s issue of the ND Living Magazine had a nice write up about the book. October’s issue will feature me with my grandkids and a recipe from the book. Kem Electric’s center pages will feature the alliance and its work. WOW. We love ND LIVING and the Rural Electric Cooperatives. (This photo is my granddaughter Lucy, who just turned two and my dad who is 86… where does time go?)

So support LOCAL, local groups, local communities, local local local… if we can be of assistance… email


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