Chilly Labor Day morning

After what seemed like endless August heat… temperatures have returned to normal for fall. In the garden, tomatoes are ripening but the cucumbers are slowing down. That’s a blessing. We have filled a great many jars with small cucumbers and soon will be enjoying dill pickles like my grandparents did. I can only hope they turn out as delightful as my grandmothers. Grandma Kaseman’s pickles had an effervescent quality. They used to buzz the tongue going down.

The pumpkins have turned and I fear frost is around the corner. Now is the time to begin preparing for winter. Somehow summer seemed extremely short this year. I think we got off to a late start. There’s always the hope of Indian Summer. Remember going to school with ice covering all the little potholes of water only to find that the afternoons were rich with warmth… that’s where layering comes in.

Blizzard of 1966. Stanly Diele and son, Jan, standing by a snowbank in front of Pinke Lumber Company. Sayler's Standard is in the background.

Blizzard of 1966. Stanly Diele and son, Jan, standing by a snowbank in front of Pinke Lumber Company. Sayler’s Standard is in the background.

If you are wondering why we are thinking about winter…. someone shared some photos of the 1966 Blizzard. Whoa, what memories. As a young girl that was the most fun ever. First there was the adventure of darkness and snow and no school for several days. My father making daring trips out side of the house to try and work or perhaps to help a neighbor. The electricity was out. If not for the coal burning monster in the basement, we would have been very cold…

I wished our family would have more photos of the day after the blizzard. The day that everyone reemerged into a world of whiteness…

If you have photos of that blizzard from the Tri-County Area… please send them to us… we will save them in a special folder and when we have enough publish a small chap book. Please include all the information and stories you can with your submissions. or





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