Year three, here we go

Boy, little did we realize the impact that the Tri-County Tourism Alliance’s cookbook project would have on the life of our little nonprofit started some three years ago. “How can she remember that?” you ask?

Well, I just got the bill for the blog’s domain name renewal. I got to thinking the summer has been going by so fast, I forget to keep you all posted on what is happening. We have sold half of the printing of cookbooks. Ewiger Saatz will be featured in the North Dakota Living Magazine in September and we hope it will keep the excitement going. It would be my goal to sell the half of the books by the end of the year – you know it would make the best Christmas present ever… hint hint hint. Get those copies ordered today because we are working on our next projects.

The alliance has been seeking some support and funds to create some signage and a scenic byway designation in the Tri-County Area. The signs would be in the tradition of the iron crosses found in the German-Russian cemeteries. Just think of how wonderful that would be to actually see some of the alliance’s work as you drive to that area to pick up your wurst.

And, we just applied to the State Historical Society of North Dakota for some support in a project about “The Women Behind the Plow” – stories of the farm wives of the Germans from Russia. We are still seeking archival items of all kinds; so do not limit your selves… clean out those closets and send us an email with your old photographs, journals, recipes, etc. we can help you preserve those for all times.

We’ll let you know more about the next project as it unfolds. It will culminate in a traveling photo exhibit — and you can help us out. We are raising funds by selling Ewiger Saatz. So every time you purchase a book, all the proceeds go to the alliance to be put into further preservation of a culture of very interesting people.

Now, it’s time to enjoy the last weekend before school begins, the weather is warm – I am going kayaking today and to the Medora Musical Sunday evening…. pitchfork fondue – gute essen…



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