As I have mentioned before, one of the joys of creating Ewiger Saatz is the connections I have made to long lost relatives and people who lived in the small communities like Kulm and Fredonia that I may have been too young to really remember. But they all have connections to my family.

There was eight years between my oldest brother and myself. As youngsters those years represented an enormous divide. I didn’t really know him, but, I do remember that following a six-foot tall junior high boy to school as a kindergartener was trying for both of us.

I called him grasshopper legs because I couldn’t keep up with him. To him I was a pest always getting into his stuff.

Many many years later, I meet Acacia Jonas Stuckle. She is the daughter of someone that my brother went to high school with in Kulm. Another connection made. We worked on the cookbook project together and last week – she sent this lovely note. I knew her grandmother also – albeit I was young and it was just through my parents. Thank you Acacia.

“Good Morning Ladies,
Yesterday afternoon four of my maternal grandmother’s sisters and their husbands visited my parent’s home in  Wishek. My mom shared with them (some of them already have it) a copy of her book. They sat around the table for over two hours perusing through the book page by page. While this was happening, I was able to witness something pretty neat. In addition to the memories and stories in the book, new ones unfolded and conversations sparked centered around their own memories of cooking during threshing time, butchering and preparing German-Russian meals. This book serves a memory trigger for the folks that experienced the same types of experiences during their own lifetimes. I find it heartwarming that a three pound book and can do so much for so many people.
Sue, I know you’ve heard this many times from me, but you created a masterpiece! The books is absolutely stunning on so many different levels!

Carmen, thank you for having the foresight to get Sue involved with this project and being the behind the scenes person that made this book possible. It was your continued support for this project that kept it going. The hours you have spent planning, organizing and most importantly cheerleading for this book will never be forgotten.
You ladies have done an incredible job. I know you don’t hear it as often as you should so THANK YOU! You’re awesome! This book will definitely leave a footprint of the German-Russian food culture for future generations!
I hope you both have a wonderful week!”
Acacia Stuckle
Extension Agent / Emmons and Kidder Counties


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