Wow, what a memory

The response to the book has been overwhelming for me. I don’t even remember writing it… it all seems so much like a dream. Here is a cute email I received from someone who knew me in High School. The best part of this project – reconnecting with my past.

“Hi, My name is Peg Kleingartner from Gackle, perhaps you remember me as Peg Schroeder – first grade teacher at Gackle Public School. I moved to Gackle in 1973, married Alan in 1975 and retired from teaching in 2005.
I’m writing to say how much I am enjoying my copy of Ewiger Saatz. It is absolutely awesome! I took it along with me today to share with my church quilting group and they loved it, too. In fact, 3 of them want a copy. I told them I would get some for them. Is it possible for me to pick them up in Napoleon ( or somewhere else close by) to avoid the $45 shipping cost? Also, one of the copies is for the Gackle Public Library and I was wondering if you would autograph it for them? You can reach me at phone 1-701-485-3549 or email:
Thanks for putting so much time and love into creating such a wonderful book. Peg
PS Did you work at LaVonne’s Cafe? It was an almost daily after school stop for some of the faculty and I think I remember you filling and refilling our coffee cups!”

Thank you Peg… thank you for the wonderful memories. I replied that my first job was at the Gackle Cafe, and it doesn’t even closely resemble what it used to look like. The plants, the counter, the ice cream machine we hated to clean and the cigarette machine. I was paid .75 and hour, the only folks who tipped were Sunday dinner diners and the railroad guys who came on Wednesday nights. LaVonne was a good friend to us and she taught me how to successfully hide leftovers in tomorrow’s noon special. She was an awesome cook and a hard worker. You could get a hamburger steak, potato, roll, salad, dessert and coffee for $1.25 plus tax. Those were the days.


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One Response to Wow, what a memory

  1. Wonderfully written and treasured memories of growing up at Gackle, ND.


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