Ashley 125th a wonderful weekend

It was a long weekend, but the Tri-County Tourism Alliance (Athena Dunn, Acacia Stuckle, Carmen Rath-Wald and Jeremy Kopp) distributed books, ate corn dogs and drank lemonade during the celebration in Ashley.

Friday was cool, Saturday was hot but folks stopped by to greet us, pick up books or buy extra books for gifts. It was a good time. Just wanted to thank everyone for their purchases which will benefit the folks in the three counties. It will hopefully provide us an opportunity to do more interviews, promote heritage tourism and support the businesses in that area.

Get involved folks – you have great customs, foods and farms in that area to show off. Let’s do it together.

And, if you know of someone who needs a book, send them our way. What a great Christmas gift for you grandchildren, or children. Chances are you will know someone in that book or maybe even be related to them. It’s a fine book and we received many great compliments. We appreciate that. If you wish to preview the book you can look inside on Amazon.

Listen for our plug on Dakota Aire when it airs in a couple of weeks on Prairie Public. Here is a link Watch for it…


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3 Responses to Ashley 125th a wonderful weekend

  1. I have just ordered the book and am excited to read it and share it with my children.


    • Prairie Legacy - German Russian Country says:

      Just printed the shipping label, if i go to town today i will post it, if not it will be posted tomorrow…


      • Bernard W Kaseman says:

        Hi Sue, in answer to your question, yes, I was named after my grandfather Bernard (BB) and my great grandfather Bernard (Bernhard) Kaseman. My Dad was Walvin Kaseman. I just rec’d Ewiger Saatz. What a treasure. I will always remember you and your helpers for this enormous task of love. I remember many of the stories and have lived some as well. I lived on my grandpa Kaseman’s farm from 1956-59. 13 miles SW of Wishek. I now wish I had made the effort to provide some information for the book. I would like to visit you someday. Maybe next summer we will get up there as we live in South Carolina. My wife just made some prune Kuchen and I drank some coffee and read the book.
        Have a nice 4th of July.


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