What a journey

You know they say that it’s the journey, not the destination that really brings happiness. I’m thinking that has taken on a new meaning as we approach the day our book debuts at the Ashley 125th celebration.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. The book is beautiful. Yesterday someone called to say they were awe struck when they received the book in the mail. Expecting a spiral bound “cookbook,” the three-pound hard cover inviting-colored Ewiger Saatz was very well received.

When I mentioned that all the proceeds went to the Tri-County Tourism Alliance and that I did not receive compensation to write the book, she blessed me in the kindest way. It was extremely humbling.

However, now that the book is on its way to homes across the country I am stymied about what to do. It’s not that my garden doesn’t need weeding, or my two jobs have disappeared, but I do feel the hole left by the completion of this project.

When asked about the best part of this project by Rick and Andrea Collins on the radio on Monday, I simply said, “the connections, I will miss the connections.”

Not only did I meet a bunch of new folks, but I met some of my relatives in a new light, I met friends of my relatives and relatives of my relatives and people who knew my older brother who has since passed from this place.

I am greatly relived that I may now have time to tend to my family and other things (like my hoop house) in my life without working every day, and yes, it was an every day occurrence that I worked on the book for nearly three years. And, I’m sure Carmen Rath-Wald with whom I have spoken or texted or emailed nearly ever day during the course of this project would say the same thing. While I worked on the book, she worked behind the scenes raising money, making contacts, promoting, supporting, kabiddling, cajoling, laughing, crying and holding hands. We did this together, and now we are going to miss it. The book is in your hands now, treasure it, share it, buy more copies of it and let us know if we accomplished for you what we did for the person who called me yesterday and said, “I wish my mother were still alive, she would have loved this book.”

Don’t hesitate… in the blink of eye it will be gone.


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Working on books, working, gardening, baking, canning, knitting, crocheting, reading, walking, getting older, getting wiser, love my children, love love love my grandchildren.
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3 Responses to What a journey

  1. Donna Eszlinger says:

    I just picked my book up today,, and wow, as far as I have read,, this is a history book, and legacy, that holds so much valued information,, wow,, you have done an awesome job, and must be commended on the work and effort put into getting this out for those much younger then us,, It holds a wealth of information,, we will not be forgotten,, thank you for this wonderful project.


  2. alice buerkley says:

    real good job thank you for the good work we all really appreciate everything you did. god bless yyou for all the work you did so alot of our younger people will rea;ize how our forefathers left a big legacy for us all thank you again love alice buerkley


    • Donna Eszlinger says:

      I have to agree with you, Alice.. our forefathers lived a very hard life,, and its because of them that we try to instill in our children and families the work ethics, and strength to keep this cycle going,, and passing it on to all those who follow in our footsteps. We certainly don’t want all these traditions, and stories to fall by the way side.. What a terrific way to share our history


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