The long awaited Ewiger Saatz – Everlasting Yeast food culture history book will make its debut at Ashley’s 125th celebration June 20-24.

Ewiger Saatz or Everlasting Yeast was chosen for the title of this book to symbolize the carrying on of traditional foods and practices from a close-knit community of settlers to this country in the late 1880s and early 1900s. A group of Germans from Russia settled in colonies separated by religion and language in three North Dakota counties. When the oldest surviving generation has passed, their language, customs and food culture may disappear. This coffee-table sized full-color hard-cover book features memories, stories, recipes, recipe cards and photographs creating a clear picture of how the Germans from Russia fed their families in a time before electricity and shortly thereafter.

Interviews were conducted over the past three years, recipes collected and scanned and photographs uncovered from closets to tell a story of survival in the voice of the people who lived it.

Chapters include the Depression, canning, gardening, threshing, foraging, butchering and, of course, bread baking and dough foods. There are recipes and recipe cards, notebooks and slips of paper in the handwriting of the cooks themselves.

This book is rich in color and history as the story unfolds of a local food system in a tri-county area in south central North Dakota. This book is a project of the Tri-County Tourism Alliance and all proceeds go to the organization that promotes heritage tourism in Emmons County, Logan County and McIntosh County. The interviews and history collection was funded in part by the North Dakota State Historical Society.

The book will be sold during the celebration for $75 plus shipping and handling of $15. Books that were pre-ordered will be shipped and/or distributed before June 10. For more information, call Sue B, Balcom, author/editor at 701-527-5169 or email


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