Now that Spring is here

In my searching for dates for some of Ewiger Saatz’s photos, I found several treasures tucked away in my keepsake boxes in the garage. One was several photos of my great grandmother’s house. What a cool house. I don’t recall ever meeting her. In fact, I forgot to ask where the house was located but it had amazing wood work and real wood furniture. How sad to think that those pieces and homes may all be destroyed over the years. Not that plastic doesn’t have its place in the world, but it’s not real.

Our forefathers ate real food grown in real dirt. We are living beings and a part of nature and it makes me so sad to  think that people are so out of touch with the natural world these days. But I’m also thinking about what the farmers did with late spring weather, calving, no electricity and mud and more mud. How difficult to keep the newborns safe and dry. How much more work it took to get somewhere with rutty roads and muddy farm yards.

Do we want to go back to the days before electricity. Probably not… life was difficult and we would never have been able to complete our Ewiger Saatz in such a short time without the Internet and computers, which require electricity.

And now, we wait, anxiously to see the book, to hold it in our hands – there will never be anything to replace that smell of fresh ink on paper and feel the coated paper, touching those faces in the photographs and well… you can tell we are all waiting for that book. I will keep you updated on the progress, hopefully it will be sooner than later that we hold Ewiger Saatz in our hands… delivered to your homes.

Book sales have been brisk, but we ask that you get your pre-orders in before May 30…and thank you for your support.


About spidersue

Working on books, working, gardening, baking, canning, knitting, crocheting, reading, walking, getting older, getting wiser, love my children, love love love my grandchildren.
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One Response to Now that Spring is here

  1. Donna Eszlinger says:

    cant wait to see and read the book,, sounds so exciting to me,, and pictures,, wow,, ordered mine already,,,


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