Inspirational cream

I had a birthday recently and didn’t have a cake. Not that I need cake, but I have in my possession a quart of real cream and some farm fresh eggs… so I decided to make ice cream (and butter). Well, if the ice cream calls for about 8 egg yolks, you have to do something with the white so I made an angel food cake.

It must be that ice cream and angel food cake go together for a reason. You wouldn’t want to waste the egg whites so after making ice cream, you bake a cake. I have found no matter what I do, my angel food cakes never look like the ones on the Betty Crocker box… however, the flavor is so much more like real cake than just air that it’s worth the time and effort to make angel food from scratch. Here is a quote I found while working on the cookbook (insert advertisement about the cookbook here.)

“My grandmother also made various kinds of cakes, especially chocolate and white cake. I remember hearing about devil’s food cake and angel food cake. The cakes were usually frosted with white or chocolate frosting, though the frosting was usually spread quite sparingly. I can’t say I paid much attention to what the food was – it tasted good and that was all that mattered to me,” Alvin Graf said.

It’s amazing what a quart of cream does for you on a fine April Day filled with clouds and freezing rain. After some housekeeping and baking we will have a celebration with homemade ice cream and cake. A belated birthday party, happy spring, gloomy Sunday celebration.

And, yes, we have almost got the corrections done on the manuscript for the cookbook. Do you have your pre-order in? I’m hoping this is a little teaser to get you thinking that you would like to learn more about the customs and food culture of the Germans from Russia… Gute Essen.



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