Everlasting Yeast…

What does everlasting yeast have to do with a book about German from Russia food culture?
Well, many of the Germans from Russia interviewed for this book recalled the practice of keeping “everlasting yeast” for baking bread and other dough recipes requiring rising. It was a matter of frugality and location in a time when money was scarce and winter snows closed roads to town.

Three German words were provided to us when asked for a translation of the words “everlasting yeast.” They were Ewinger Saatz, Avea-Suts and Eeuwige Schuim.

Avea Suts and Eeuwige Schuim translate into the English words “everlasting” and “foam”.  Ewinger Saatz, however, translates to “eternal seed.”

We are the ETERNAL SEED of our forefathers.

When the second and third generation of the German Russian homesteaders goes to their heavenly home, their children and children’s children become the eternal seed… carrying on if nothing else, the German Russian food traditions.

We are going to lose the unusual dialect of the children of the original homesteaders. It was a local voice that varied between Protestant and Catholic settlements in three counties of North Dakota.

It is our desire with the photographs, memories, stories and especially the recipes of this book to become the “Ewinger Saatz” or “everlasting yeast” of the German from Russia families that settled in North Dakota.

Extinction of a culture’s language, customs and beliefs becomes a weighty sadness – a realization that the world has moved on. The Tri-County Tourism Alliance was formed to slow down the loss and grow a greater appreciation of the contributions of the Germans from Russia to this county and the state of North Dakota.

Prepare yourself for multiple vignettes of life before electricity and shortly thereafter. Be aware that the words in this book reflect the many variations of language and custom even within the close-knit culture of the wonderful residents of Emmons County, McIntosh and Logan County, North Dakota.

We wanted to leave as much of that dialect intact as possible and still tell the stories of the people we interviewed and those that contributed to what we hope is only the first batch of “Ewinger Saatz”.

Welcome to German Russian County and our Prairie Legacy.

PS: We need some cash for printing. It would honor us greatly if you sent your preorders to us as soon as possible. We do not want to run out of books before the 125th Celebration in Ashley. Pre-Publication price is $50 plus $15 for tax and postage and the box it is shipped in. After MAY 30, the price will rise to $75 plus $15 for tax and postage. The book is full of stories and photos from many people in the three counties and some that come from there but have since moved away.

small pageHelp us keep this project rising — and may you become Ewinger Saatz for our grandchildren and their children. We are still accepting submissions for our archives and if met with great “dough” we will continue our work and perhaps publish another book in a year or two. THANK YOU. Gute Essen.


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4 Responses to Everlasting Yeast…

  1. adeline says:

    How do I order you book before May30?


    • Prairie Legacy - German Russian Country says:

      The pre-publication price through May 30, 2013, is $65, which includes taxes and shipping to U.S. address only; please contact us for actual shipping costs out of the country. After that date, it will sell for $75 plus $15 tax and shipping.
      Send orders to: Tri-County Tourism Alliance, %Carmen Rath-Wald, NDSU Extension Service Logan County, 301 Broadway, Napoleon, ND 58561. Please make checks payable to Tri-County Tourism Alliance/Book
      NOTE: The books will be delivered to prepare for shipping by June 14, 2013. If you wish to pick up a book at the Ashley 125th Celebration booth – the pre order price is $55 (tax included).


  2. Wendy Bosch says:

    Do you still have books available?


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