There will be an article on the cookbook in Horizons magazine in the spring. So we decided to offer a pre-publication price for the book. It is going to be beautiful and perfect addition to your library or on your coffee table.

Pre-publication orders for Ewiger Saatz – Everlasting Yeast

The Tri-County Tourism Alliance is accepting pre-publication orders for Ewiger Saatz.  The 12-inch by 12-inch hardcover book has 120 pages and includes interviews with area Germans from Russia descendants and more than 100 recipes.

The pre-publication price through May 30, 2013, is $65, which includes taxes and shipping to U.S. address only; please contact us for actual shipping costs out of the country. After that date, it will sell for $75 plus $15 tax and shipping.

Send orders to: Tri-County Tourism Alliance, %Carmen Rath-Wald, NDSU Extension Service Logan County, 301 Broadway, Napoleon, ND 58561. Please make checks payable to Tri-County Tourism Alliance/Book

NOTE: The books will be delivered to prepare for shipping by June 14, 2013. If you wish to pick up a book at the Ashley 125th Celebration booth – the pre order price is $55 (tax included).


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  1. Donna Eszlinger says:

    have a question,,, now is the book that Susan did all the interviews for,,, or is this a different one with only recipes in it, and no storys or interviews??


  2. alice buerkley says:

    i wanted to knoe if randy has a copy of his grandma schilling woehl picture in there love alice buerkley


  3. Greta Wahl-Diede says:

    Yes to Alice … Aunt Christina and Aunt Bertha are in there, working at the kitchen table. Wondering if you know whose little girl legs are hidden behind Aunt Bertha?


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