Everlasting yeast

I have recipes for everlasting yeast and recipes that call for everlasting yeast and an interview that mentions everlasting yeast in German. “aveasuts” I don’t know  how to spell it but this is how it was pronounced. Can anyone out there help me out???? Thanks.


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7 Responses to Everlasting yeast

  1. Donna Eszlinger says:

    The Avea-Suts, is just as its written,, Avea, means everlasting, and Suts, means yeast or foam. If you want, call me and I can say it for you,, really dont know how else to describe it..


    • Prairie Legacy - German Russian Country says:

      DONNA, isn’t that strange. I spelled it that way because you pronounced it that way in your interview… I have found some extra info I have been using to supplement the interviews and it is so exciting…. thank you..


  2. Ruby M. Ackerman says:

    Sue,I found on this website that everlasting yeast is called Ewiger Saatz.http://library.ndsu.edu/grhc/recipes/dictionary.html (enter word in edit/find to get to it) When I did a German translate Ewiger is Eternal. I could not find that Saatz means Yeast.I did find that Saat means Seed.Hope this helps. Ruby Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2013 02:00:55 +0000 To: redstone10@msn.com


    • Prairie Legacy - German Russian Country says:

      Oh thank you, I just found some incredible info from a random person at this conference I am attending this week. I am so excited. the book has 50 pages already and we hope to have it to the printers in early April. This is most helpful. THANK YOU.


  3. Donna Eszlinger says:

    Humm, Eternal Seed, makes sense, since the yeast is a forever seed that makes the bread continue to rise, and is passed on from one homemaker to another,, Funny how different things are the same.. very interesting,, I only know of it from what my mother and grandmother told me, and both have passed away, so go from my memory, as mom used to make this for her own bread.


  4. dakotarose says:

    I see they answered you already. I have seen it written eeuwige schuim meaning everlasting yeast or everlasting foam.


    • Prairie Legacy - German Russian Country says:

      We will use all entries for spellings of the words. So thank you for the comment.


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