January and the weather’s easy

The weather is easily below zero that is. As we go about our business in temperatures with wind chills of minus 47 degrees my thoughts turn to anyone dealing with livestock. Imagine having to go outdoors and punch through the ice on the watering troughs before you go to work. Now imagine going outdoors without electricity to find wood or coal for your furnace every morning; hopefully before the children have to get up to go to school.

My biggest tasks these days involve battery charging. Seems like I spend more time and thought on whether my phone, computer, Kindle, Nano, etc. etc. etc. have fully charged batteries than I do on my work.

We are editing the copy for the book and so I have been a little lax on good posts. Consider this an update. When I hear the story that Delbert Eszlinger tells of the first winter his forefathers spent on the prairie – I shudder to think how many of us would follow in those footsteps. Have you ever wanted to be somewhere so bad that you would dig a hole in the earth and turn your wagon box upside down and put your wife and child down there for an entire North Dakota winter. I think not.

Do I have the utmost respect for my great grandparents? Absolutely. If not for their courage and tenacity (in German from Russian language that translates into stubbornness – insert smiley face here) to survive the climate and circumstances of nothingness that the plains afforded those homesteaders in the late 1880s – well. I would not be penning this little note so early on a Saturday morning; cup of hot coffee and electric lights telling me what time is everywhere I look.

Editing the stories, proofing the recipes, organizing the interviews has proven to be many hours of volunteer labor. But, the more I get to know about the past, my past, the more I know about me. So my time devoted to that has taken me away from this – and you could help.

Many comments have been made about collecting more recipes – YES, send them to us. Please do so before you forget. Also, send photos, memories and please post your comments to this site. We want you to be involved in writing your story. And now, I must get back to work…

The old adage about God not giving you more than you can handle applies this week to the weather. We had two blasted cold days and now… it’s going to be 30 degrees. If not for the impending chance of snow, I would be planning on hanging my sheets outdoors to dry.

With temperature differences of 60 degrees in a matter of 2 days – seems kinda funny doesn’t it. I’m thinking the good Lord said let’s remind them who’s in charge and reward them with a North Dakota heat wave.

Folks will be out today without hats and gloves for sure – but stay warm; and give thanks.


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