Preparing for winter

Finally, the early morning cold has teeth. No more teasing about winter – it is on its way. The full moon seems much brighter this month as our side of the earth turns it face away from the sun preparing for the coming darkest days.

After such a busy year, its a welcome shortening of days for some. Gardeners and farmers alike have reaped the rewards of harvest in bins of grains and jars of colorful vegetables lining shelves in root cellars. Now its time to slow down a bit and prepare for that loveliest of all seasons – Christmas.

Now preparing for Christmas and getting hit hard in the face with advertising and sales is another story. Halloween is still about a week away and there are Target ads with Christmas music creeping in past all the political advertising.

Wow – it appears that Thanksgiving gets completely swept under the rug trampled with the folks who believe they are getting deals on Black Friday. In fact, marketers of the world have robbed us of our day of thanks – of gratefulness for the ability to shop and fill our homes with plastic reminders that we get a day off work. Where did the real Christmas go?

Anticipation, special cookies, maybe a store-bought treat, in-season fruits, old carols sung in German, candles and quiet, family and friends, wonderful dinners at grandma’s house… these are things of Christmas. And then there was church.

Christmas Eve programs with little girls pulling skirts over their heads as they rocked back and forth singing Away in the Manger. Simple sets of painted cardboard, no sound system; just young vocal cords sending songs straight from little hearts.

Rather than stress over finances or how to select the proper gift, who gets a Christmas card or who’s house hosts the dinner Christmas used to bring with it a time of rest and most importantly peace.

Well, and cookies. Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally the weekend of pfernuse. Yes, you spell it several ways… and yes we have recipes, but I’m waiting to post that until tomorrow…

We are working on copy, photos and a few more interviews as we prepare to get our food culture book together. So stay tuned for updates.


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Working on books, working, gardening, baking, canning, knitting, crocheting, reading, walking, getting older, getting wiser, love my children, love love love my grandchildren.
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