Hors d’oeuvres on the farm

I can always on Uncle Ed to come up with morsels of food information. He has carried on many of the traditions from his family and always invites folks to sample his latest experiments in food. Uncle Ed is the best strudle-maker I know. He also bakes cookies, gardens and fishes. He’s been working for years on perfecting Grandma Kaseman’s pickle recipe.

After reading something I wrote about sausage or watching an interview about butchering he sent me a note and said simply…

Hors d’oeuvres served for supper on butchering days was the pig brains.   Yum  yum!!!!!!!!    This is true I ate them too!!!!!!

Oh my… Fear Factor here we come…

On a side bar, we are seeking photos of the old grocery stores of the area. Grenz’s in Lehr, Vollers and Krafts in Strasburg, Elhard’s in Fredonia and whatever else you have out there. Folks remember these places and we want them to be included as part of the food culture.

Temvik elevator is another we are looking for photos of in the pre-1970s era. I know the state historical society has some, but we may have to pay to republish. Let me know what you can find in our archives. And as always, Gute Essen.


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One Response to Hors d’oeuvres on the farm

  1. Doug Dockter says:

    Brains, lungs, kidneys, heart, liver. I ate them all on butchering day. Yum!


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