Just when I think it doesn’t get any better…

There’s a momentary letdown after doing an interview when doubt arises. Did I ask enough questions, did I get any good information? Did my camera work? Did my tape recorder work? Am I going to forget to label the photos…

And then, I begin to edit the video and do the transcription. Transcription is a job I would love to have someone take over for me – but it serves a purpose. I will remember things when it comes time to organization the book. Yes, it is getting closer and closer to the date we need to start putting pen to paper. But I am so excited. The information we have collected is priceless. WE are still collecting photographs and the ones we have so far are amazing … tiny tidbits of the past. Delightful.

You cannot believe how people lived before electricity. It is amazing how clever and creative these pioneer families were – I just want to share with you all the great things I have learned…

But wait, then you would have no reason in the world to buy the book. The target date of course is the 125th celebration in Ashley, ND.

Two things – don’t forget about us. We need everyone to buy a book or two or ten. And, if you have photos or other information you can still send it to me by email at dasguteessen@hotmail.com. But hurry, time is running out. I cannot type fast enough to keep up with my brain as I file and joyfully document the life and times of the Germans from Russia who settled in North Dakota’s three counties of Emmons, McIntosh and Logan. If I had known this information would become so precious to me now, I would have paid better attention to my grandparents.

I miss my grandparents. I can see them and I did spend a lot of time with them, maybe not quality time, but memory time at any rate – good memories.

I’m so excited to be sharing those with you in the near future. Send me your support in prayers if you can’t share any recipes, photos or hard cold cash. Together we can put the knowledge of our elders in a form that hopefully will be appealing to a new generation of homesteaders.

I’m wondering if one could collect cow chips and bake bread in a clay oven on Mars?

Look for LaVerna Dockter Kaseman’s interview to hit YouTube next week sometime followed by Bernice Nagel and Benjamin and Delphine Vetter.

During the Vetter interview, I saw my son’s wife’s brother’s birthday on a calendar. “WHAT?” That’s right. My son married a good German from Russia family. If I didn’t know that before I met the Vetter’s – I know it now for sure.

I’m seriously hogging all the great recipes and photos I have been receiving in the mail and via email for a reason. That’s right. Are you curious? OF course you are – keeping reading and sending comments and I love the corrections in the spellings of people’s names and German words. I want everything to be as perfect as possible.


Until next time – Gute Essen.



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Working on books, working, gardening, baking, canning, knitting, crocheting, reading, walking, getting older, getting wiser, love my children, love love love my grandchildren.
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5 Responses to Just when I think it doesn’t get any better…

  1. Lois Schneider says:

    I am excited to read about all the history and recipes you are gathering for this book. How and when can I place an order for this book?


    • dasguteessen says:

      God willing, we will have preorder information ready by the end of this year… we are hesitate to presell at the moment because we need to make sure we can fulfill our obligations. Stay posted as soon as the group decides it is okay, we will put the word out.


  2. Carrot Kuchen…I got a recipe for carrot kuchen in the mail today, and, it’s in German! Thankfully Karen Schwandt who sent it to me has the English translation included. I have never had carrot kuchen…what about you?


  3. Marlyn Kauk says:

    I am so glad that this history is being preserved. As a child of a German-Russian immigrant I have a great interest in this history and what is going on in ND. I know that those of us who came to CA have lost a lot of the culture and food traditions. My mother cooked all of those dishes made from bread dough and we loved them. My late husband was born in Lehr, I was born in Wishek and so some extended family still lives in the area. I don’t know if I will make another visit to ND since my husband died in 2011.


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