All you German linquists out there

My aunt LaVerna Dockter Kaseman provided these sayings that were told to her as a child by her mother.

They were translated by Esther Maier, Wishek.

However, I cannot always read the handwriting so if you could assist me with the spellings of the German words and any and all comments about these I would greatly appreciate it. Understanding of course that something is lost between the language these people spoke and the English version. How I wish I could go back in time and visit with my grandmother.

Wer Wenig Nicht Ehrt ist Viel Nicht Wert
Translation: He who does not honor (value) the little things (in life) is not worth (deserving of) the big things.

A fleizige springt sich jee (tot death) und a faule schlept sich hee.
Translation: An industrious person runs himself to death; a lazy person drags himself to death.

Immer auf der achs.
Translation: Always on the go; always on the road to someplace.

Da ist immer etwas wo der himmel hebt.
Literal translation: There is always something that holds up the sky.
I think it means that things could always be worse even though times are tough.

Einme geshenkte Gaul gooked mir nicht ins marl
Translation: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Einmen sei tot ist dem andere sei brat.
Translation: One person’s death is another ones bread (opportunity for work, etc.)


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