Another video interview

It’s a Monday-Tuesday today as folks get back to routines after a long weekend. While many people were thinking about recreating, there were just as many folks planting gardens – in the wind and rain.

It was not a great weekend to be out and the wind is still blowing west of the Missouri River in North Dakota, but it was nice to have an excuse not to do anything. Imagine having to get ready to plant your fields and needing to work from sun rise to sun set. That’s a long time these days. It is quite light before 6 a.m. and stays light until nearly 10 p.m. or longer. I can’t tell without the sun these past few days. It’s marvelous. The only time of year I love more is when the days are shortened to less than 12 hours of daylight and we prepare for Christmas in the quiet, cold dark winter.

But it’s almost summer and that means folks are busy with fun things like fishing and boat, picnics and visiting. Don’t forget about us this summer. We are busy collecting as many photos and video interviews as possible to begin organizing and readying our project for the press.

Here is another interview. It is an hour long and had to be separated into two parts to get it on YouTube. There’s another one in the can and hopefully I will be able to get out and do a couple in Linton or Strasburg this week. Short week you know – enjoy it.

Adeline Moch Interview, part 1


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One Response to Another video interview

  1. Great job, Adeline! I miss seeing you every month when I would visit the Hazelton school while you were a cook there.


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