Spring has sprung

Imagine after a long winter with short days and no electricity. How wonderful spring must have felt. With longer days there was more work, I’m sure and machinery repaired for planting. Easter sparks the urge to grow. I’d like to know were garden seeds purchased by mail order? Were they traded amongst neighbors or were they saved from year to year in precious glass jars on a dark cool shelf in the root cellar?
Hopefully our interviews will reveal some more secrets of the garden as well as other ways to survive on the prairie.
As years progressed and electricity brought new businesses and opportunities for children to attend school on a regular basis, spring also meant Prom. What a delightful day when Carol Just sent her story about Maggie’s Cafe with photos. The photos were delightful and brought back many memories. So as a foretaste of our wonderful cookbook project, I thought I would spend a few moments today while scanning old cookbook pages to bring you a blast from the past.

Contributed by Carol Just

PROM TIME: Blanch and Stan Deile stopped by Maggie’s Cafe before the prom in Wishek, McIntosh County sometime in the 1960s. If you know your history, you know that Stan and Blanch became the owners of Stan’s Super Valu after graduation.


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3 Responses to Spring has sprung

  1. How happy and excited they look. I’m sure it was a special evening.


  2. Darren Deile says:

    That was in the spring of ’61. Two young kids with barley a nickle between them. I think it tuned out pretty well.


    • dasguteessen says:

      Sweet, thanks for the info… and the web address. We had Stan’s sausage for supper last night…


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