A taste of the past

A steam-engine running a threshing machine. This was in with some old photos that my grandmother Martha (Rott) Ringering had in her photo album. I assume it is from North Dakota. Connie Dahlke Photo


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3 Responses to A taste of the past

  1. Monte Rodacker says:

    I feel the need to correct you. It is a gas tractor which is powering the machine. I cannot quite identify the make. It is of, what is known, the “Prairie Tractors” which resembled steamers because of their large size.
    The tractor could have been built in the 1910-1920 era.


  2. I was out at the Logan County Museum just west of Napoleon this morning along with some teachers and the 8th grade class. They marveled over the old equipment and enjoyed seeing the first self propelled John Deere Combine ’45. The sugar sack dress was another hit. I think my favorite was the 1927 Ford “T’. I wanted to go for a ride!


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