Kuchen for 112

Yes, it’s Easter – time to bake Kuchen. It’s also a time to share with family and friends. I love Easter. My grandmother always had something growing in her house and I have radishes and lettuce popping through the garden soil – and many plants in the house under fluorescent lights. I talk to them, I stroke them, I am thankful for new growth. And, plants give back to us by way of nourishment and nutrition.

I’m not sure that kuchen plays into good eating, but it is Gut Essen. Once again there are as many recipes for kuchen as there are Germans from Russia in North Dakota.

I recently did an interview with Adeline Moch and she shared a recipe they developed for wedding kuchen for 112. So, if you are feeling ambitious and wish to do some baking. Here’s your opportunity. If you don’t want to bake, just gather some old photos, stories and recipes from your family during the holiday weekend.

Oh, and don’t forget to share them with us… I would like to have everyone’s stuff by the end of May so I can spend the summer months writing… so we can publish before the Ashley 125th celebration. Call me if you have questions… 701-527-5169.

And here’s Adeline’s recipe… good luck…


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3 Responses to Kuchen for 112

  1. Karla Weispfenning Simmons says:

    Definitely a larger recipe than I use and a little different. I use a yeast dough, no graham crackers and no brown sugar, but the rest sounds similar. We do add fruit (prunes, rhubarb, apples, peaches, etc.) to each kuchen before baking and sprinkling with sugar and cinnamon. If this was a smaller recipe I might try it. This past November we spent all day making 46 kuchens and it took us all day so I cannot imagine making 112 at one time.


  2. I spoke at the Linton Historical Society meeting last week. They had a potluck supper and there were two kinds of kuchen! Yum. I ate the prune and it was awesome.


  3. Marlyn Kauk says:

    Such wonderful memories of the food prepared by my mother. I treasure the time I spent in ND and enjoy these posts.


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