Deloris Ulmer Interview

Here’s another interview for our Kochbuch Project… collecting the food culture of the Germans from Russia. This delightful interview will entertain and inform you about how people used to eat, do laundry, butcher and garden when food was more localized. Deloris was amazing and I hope you enjoy the video. There’s another one on the way… but in the meantime, let us know what you think of this one.

Deloris Ulmer Interview Jan. 2012



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3 Responses to Deloris Ulmer Interview

  1. Linnea Veeder says:

    Delores Ulmer is a favorite cousin of mine. I liked the interview very much, it brought back many memories. I didn’t live on a farm like Delores, but I still had similar experiences. I will keep this interview on my computer so that I can watch it often. Linnea Veeder


  2. Deloris is delightful. Thank you for posting the interview.


  3. Wayne Kranzler says:

    Wonderful interview! Delores is also my cousin and is a very special person.


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