Is Knephla Knepfla by any other name?

I love when people email comments and notes to these blog posts. Over the weekend, I receive a photo and email from a former Imperial who teaches English and ancient history in Shanghai, China. His name is Dustin Hammond and he said, “While shopping at one of the local stores that stocks imported foods, I saw these noodles from the Alsatian region of France.  You might recognize the name :)”

Noodles from France appropriately called Knepfla. Sent to this blog by Dustin Hammond, formerly of Napoleon, ND.

I asked if we could use his photo and Dustin sent a little more information about shopping in China.


The name of the store is Ol`e (can’t quite get the accent mark to work) and the list price is 73.80 RMB or about $11.75.  Imported food is expensive here, which generally means pasta, cheese, butter (with butterfat), etc.  Local food is much cheaper and delicious as well.  

Kind regards,
Dustin Hammond


It is always a pleasure to hear from our readers. So many thanks Dustin. Now, I would like to ask that if you have recipes to share, please send them as soon as possible to or

Have you got a gute knephla recipe? Send it our way. The new brochures with a sneak peak at the cookbook will be out in the next couple of weeks… if you want one let me know, but be sure and send your address or email for a PDF version.

Until next time, Gute Essen.


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4 Responses to Is Knephla Knepfla by any other name?

  1. Robert J. Scheeler says:

    I would be interested in the PDF version of the “sneak peek at the cookbook.”

    Thank you,
    Robert J. Scheeler


    • dasguteessen says:

      I will send it to you before the end of the week. My mother is not doing so well and so I am in Jamestown today and tomorrow… don’t let me forget.. Sue


  2. Jolene Ehret says:

    My Knephla (ph=f) recipe is just just a very modernized version of the bread or roll dough version that my mom made. I use refrigerated biscuits (pillsbury, great value, any store brand).
    I cut the biscuit in 4 pieces and put on stop of a kettle with potatoes or even a bubbling stew.
    Cover, turn heat down to simmer and set timer for 30 minutes. There they are. Nice plump and done to perfection. I shared with this with a none G-R person and her hubby loved them.


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