Imagine living through the Depression

Imagine laying in bed at night and hearing your parents talk about how they are going to get their farm back. As a little, Deloris Kranzler Ulmer thought to herself, “I’m going to save up all my pennies in a big sack and take them to the bank.” She wanted to help her parents.

It’s hard to imagine a time when so many people lived on so little and survived. Bankers looked kindly on their neighbors and held their property when they couldn’t make mortgage payments only to return it to them when they finally could. Considering my recent experience with a national bank (no longer my bank) its hard to imagine a bank wanting you to remain in the community so badly that they didn’t foreclose on your farm, but rather helped you keep it.

There was a time when working on the farm was a part of life for youngsters. Even those living in small communities. My first boyfriend in high school worked on a farm; my brother hired on to pick rock in the summers between school years. It was hard work, yes, but in the end what a feeling of accomplishment.

I’m reading a book by Joel Salatin called Folks, This Ain’t Normal: A Farmer’s Advice for Happier Hens, Healthier People, and a Better World. I’m thinking you would enjoy it. I’m only into the second chapter, but I agree with him on many of his points about how much better our world would be if we didn’t focus on “the cost of raising children” and focused more on to help them feel useful at an early age.

Work makes life sweet. Have you heard it? It’s showing up all over the Internet these days and we lived it. My grandmother said those words to me when I was in high school. Of course I heard them in English cause she knew I didn’t speak German very well. We were brought up to finish our work first, and then we could enjoy ourselves.

It’s a concept whose time has come again. We can’t be living forever in a throw away world; and what better way to learn about those things than through this food culture project. I’ve done two videos and plan on doing a few more over spring break. They are informative and delightful and stay tuned. Once they are edited and transcribed, we will begin to share them.

In the meantime… Gute Essen.


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