It’s almost Christmas

There’s a few more days to wrap gifts, make cookies and get those cards in the mail before it all comes to close… Christmas has arrived.

It begins way to soon, moves way to fast and then just like that – it’s a new year. It affords us an opportunity to visit with our relatives, go home to mom’s house and enjoy countless wonderful meals together. There are church services, albeit not the ones of my youth with little children doing a Christmas Eve program; where Silent Night is Stille Nacht; where goodie bags of nuts and oranges are treasured like the Frankincense from “We Three Kings; and real candles were lit as voices raised we praised and sang and filled the cold night air before the real silent night began.

Nowadays when we really truly need that silent night, it seems more and more elusive. However, with two new grandchildren we began our week of Christmas in a joyous afternoon of simple delights and cookies – sugar cookies, gingerbread and my favorite date-filled.

This is a time of family, and so I would remind all of you when you visit with your parents, siblings, uncles and aunts, be sure and dig out that box of photos and collect the ones that show how you celebrated the holidays or every day with food. Collect some of those memories and recipes and send them to us for our book project. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Here’s an example of a photo that I never knew existed. It’s not a food photo, but it is a Christmas photo; a reminder that many of our relatives served in the armed forces over the year. Some did not return. There are still solders across the globe celebrating Christmas away from their families. Say a little prayer for them.

My dad is in this photo to the right of the Christmas Tree. It was 1946.

Christmas during the Korean Conflict


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3 Responses to It’s almost Christmas

  1. Wanda Zimmerman says:

    Hi Susan: I have been following your site for quite awhile and I just love it. I am so impressed by what you are doing. We shared so many times together in Fredonia, and in our old farm school up on the hill. God Bless You and your family as we are reminded of the Saviors birth. Wanda [Ketterling] Zimmerman.


    • dasguteessen says:

      Really strange, we were just talking about you… I was visiting with Caroline Miller and she mentioned some Ketterlings from Fredonia… it’s a small world and thanks for the comment, this is going to be great fun…so if you have any old photos pre 1980s of food, gardens, gatherings at holidays, recipes, etc. send them on over…


  2. Carmen says:

    What an inspiring photo. A group of young men so far from home clinging to their memories of home and tradition in an unlikely environment. Thank you for sharing, and hats off to all those in the armed forces then and now.


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