Let the memories begin

Thanksgiving is but a Tupperware container full of leftovers and the season of memories begins. While I really enjoy white Christmas, I feel blessed we have yet to have snow. The entire state of North Dakota has been under water and every day without snow lessons the chance of flooding in the spring.

Without exception, we visited our grandparents on Christmas Day. Riding to Wishek in the back of my dad’s car counting the telephone poles as they zipped by the window. The landscape between Fredonia and Wishek is truly beautiful. Rolling hills topped with snow and a sky that goes on forever had me imagining what it looked like when the first settlers rolled their carts and wagons to their new homes.

We never knew which cousins we would see at Grandma’s – sometimes we were all there, sometimes it was hit and miss. My mom’s family was so large there’s no way we would have all fit into their small house in town. We stopped at my Grandma Kaseman first; then Grandma Meidinger.

While they both had treats and goodies including jars of homemade dill pickles unsurpassed by any today, my Grandmother Meidinger made frosted honey cookies nearly every holiday.

Honey was something I never cared for growing up and now I love it. The best honey comes from landowners allowing bees to rent fields all summer long – it’s raw, fresh and local.

Consistently shaped like a round pillow, lightly brown and soft and chewy somehow when I think of Christmas, I think of these cookies. So this week, in lieu of making hundreds of Pfeffernuse Cookies, you may want to try this recipe instead. I actually made a video using my Grandmother Emma Meidinger’s recipe. It makes a smaller batch of cookies and is quite easy. Frost with your favorite white icing – Royal works well – then sprinkle with Christmas sprinkles and let the memories begin.

On a final note, please send your interviews and photos to Sue at 2145 34th Street, Mandan, ND 58554. It’s almost Christmas break from college and I will have some time to do some typing.

Here is the video and recipe for honey cookies – enjoy.


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