It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well, maybe only in retail stores because there’s still no snow on the ground west of the Missouri River. But it did rain last night. Somehow, Christmas is on  my mind. Maybe it’s because yesterday we added an Advent sermon series to our worship schedule. Countdown to Christmas – are you ready?

One of the things we traditionally do near Thanksgiving is make Pfeffernusse Cookies. Well, okay, it’s something I have done for years and years and years…. a Germans from Russia favorite for the holidays. The thing about my recipe is that it made so many cookies, we ate the remainder for Easter. Yep, about 10 pounds of flour. But as you may, or may not know, Pfeffernusse, like Hochzeits Schnaps get better with age.

So prepare for Christmas by trying this recipe for Pfeffernusse Cookies. On a final note, if you aren’t German and have not ever heard the language spoken.. Pfeffernusse translates into Peppernut Cookies.

Some of the main ingredients include pepper, coffee, honey and anise. They are great with a good cup of coffee and like I said before they are better with age.

The recipe can be found by clicking on the recipe tab of this site. It came from the Emmanuel Lutheran Kitchens cookbook and was credited to LorRaine Rivinius. The cookbook has a red cover and I have had it for years and years. The pages are yellow and falling out. They are stained with eggs, coffee and who knows what else from years and years of use. In fact my mother and I have recipes in this book – she must have submitted one for me because I was still in high school when this was printed.

My daughter was going to borrow my cookbook… when she left home. I did not like that idea and so one day while wandering around a Pride of Dakota show, I found one… couldn’t believe my eyes. The Germans from Russia booth had many reprints of the old cookbooks of my youth. Of course the price was slightly more than the first printing, but it made a great Christmas gift.

You can find Michael Miller and Acacia Stuckle at the booth at this year’s Pride of Dakota show in Bismarck and maybe Fargo. Stop by and if you are interested in our project, ask them a few questions or email me at We are going to do some video interviews in December – if you would like to be in a video for our project, please let us know.

In the meantime, get that Christmas baking started and get a jump on Easter too… with Pfeffernusse Cookies.


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4 Responses to It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. Gwen Schock Cowherd says:

    Would you mind posting that cookie recipe?

    What is the name of that cookbook? Is the GRHC selling it? I sure would like a copy.


    • Gwen says:

      I found it on the site. Sorry for bothering you! I need to pay better attention.


      • dasguteessen says:

        No problem…. don’t forget you can submit your own memories and photos to us to use…. thanks for checking back, Sue


  2. My mother’s parrents came from Raistad, Russia. They were Gremans too. What a fun site. My mother was German, Catholic, Valadictorian of her high school class, and from the Baker, MT and Medora, ND area. My father was a Norwiegn, Lutheran, 8th grade education, from Twin Valley, MN. Yes, I have some hillarious stories about those two. My mom would always jokingly say,” Well, I guess we all know where that came from.” She had German recipes too, Cass Snip was one of my favorites, also known as cheese pillows. I also make homemade chiken and noodles. I am thankful for this site, she passed Dec. 10th,2003. She was truly an amazing woman and I loved her dearly. She sang a lullabye named “Poor Babes In the Woods”. I would like to get the complete words to that if you know it or can help me with this. She told us many stories of her and her family growing up out west.


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