Wow, another week has passed

It’s been a busy fall and more than a week has passed since Sauerkraut Days. What a great event and everyone’s excited about cooking like the Germans.

I had a wonderful visit with my uncle and aunt in Wishek. They offered up their home and hospitality to me and saved me a lot of miles. We talked about our family, shared some liverwurst (I really wish I had eaten more, it was awesome) and I took a tour of their lower level.

They have always had a root cellar on the farm and so when they moved the house into town, built another. It was vented to the outside so the air could be used to cool the small room with shelves of canned goods and a bin of potatoes. In the large room was a half a kitchen and a butchering table. No, not like the industrial ones you find, but a nice kitchen table. You don’t see that in too many homes any more.

We talked about the weather and the state of the world today. I mentioned with all the Internet and meteorologists we are always prepared for the upcoming weather, whether it gets here or not… but in the Thirties – can you imagine.

There you are with a bunch of little children and a sod or stone house in the middle of miles and miles of flat land and sky and all of a sudden a wall of dirt is coming towards you. Did they know what it was? Why it was coming? Did they panic. Of course they did. My mother said they used to hide under the windows so they didn’t have to watch it coming.

Uncle Clifton said it was nothing compared to the grasshoppers. “They were so thick you couldn’t see the sun through them.”

Where did they come from I asked. “They came from down south.”

Why? His reply, “Because they were hungry.” They ate everything, even the fence posts.

Wow. What did they do with their crops and gardens destroyed by this plaque of Biblical proportion? Some of them left and the stubborn ones stayed… and that’s why we are here today. To collect those stories and put them down in writing for future generations. You can help. Send those photos, recipes and stories to us at

And stay tuned… we have more good news.


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