Oh how I would love a good cup of coffee

Collecting old things for your kitchen is fun. Sometimes people look into my drawers and say, “What’s that?” I laugh and tell them what it is, where I got it from and how I might use if for something that it was not intended to be used for. Like my French fry potato cutter. You know. A metal object with woven wire – I found two in my journey through thrift store days. Well, in addition to cutting French fries, the object aforementioned could also be used for cutting cheese sticks (which if you live in Minnesota may be so inclined to deep fry also) or when I pickle beets. I was in a hurry and didn’t want to spent too much time cutting up my beets so I thought, “Hey, beet sticks would be just fine for a relish tray.” In fact the beet sticks are rather cool in their own right…
Anyhow, I have always wanted one of those large while enamel coffee pots from the Lutheran Church in Gackle. I remember making coffee with my mom for funerals and weddings when my parents took care of the Lutheran Church in Fredonia. As I was organizing cookbook materials I found Verda Seeklander’s submissions and this was one of them.
Verda is from Hazelton and she received this gem from the church’s Ladies Aide. Try it when you are out camping. It works like a charm.

Genuine German Lutheran Coffee
From: “Who else but our Ladies Aide!”

2 cups dry coffee grounds
One egg
(A couple sprinkles of salt doesn’t hurt, either)

Mix the coffee and egg together. Add a little water to moisten. Fill a large enamel coffeepot with water. Bring it to a rolling boil. Add the coffee mixture. It will foam so keep stirring it down. Remove from heat and let it sit for 10 minutes to settle. If you are in a hurry, add a little cold water and it will help settle the grounds.
What a heavenly aroma!

Of course, the coffee is best served with Lutheran jello – you know the kind we always used to bring to funerals, weddings, confirmation, oh, and yes, to Ladies Aide meetings.

It also goes good with angel food cake, chocolate cake, and even Dutch Apple Pie, Danish Pastry, Swedish Meatballs, Finnish Flat Bread or Norwegian Lefse.


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