Butchering Day in Medina

There are some that remember chicken butchering day as fun, some recall it to be a terrible chore; but the bottom line is it is necessary to butcher chickens in order for people to enjoy this source of protein at meal time.

I was excited to relearn how to butcher a bird. I remember going to the farm with my mom and everyone helped with butchering. It was my mom’s job to kill those chickens. She stepped on the wings. Stretched the neck out and chop chop… off they went like chickens with their head cut off. Down the hill they jumped to the hot water scalding tub… Of course we all helped pull off feathers, unlike the modern plucker tub you will see in this little film clip.

It was a hot and sunny day enjoyed by all. Here is a short video highlighting some of the finer points of butchering chickens. PLEASE be warned, we had to “kill” them first, but there is very little blood in the clips. If you were raised on a farm, you will probably laugh at the lack of blood in this film… Let me know. Would you butcher a bird again if you had to? Or would you become a vegetarian?


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