How many people know?

Reading an article about how to make yogurt at home got me to thinking… do you suppose people know when they eat sour cream or yogurt they are actually consuming “sour” milk?
I save my past-the-due-date milk for baking. Sometimes it gets way past baking stage and I have to finally dump it down the drain. The last jug of Bessie’s Best came out in chunks and fine liquid – hmmm, the beginning of cheese.
My mother made a yellow cheese when we were young. Perhaps colored yellow by those little glass droppers of food coloring. It was soft and spreadable more than the blocks you buy at the store. Of course, it was not aged.
Once in a while, the refrigerator held a bucket of milk. Since there were so many of us, she mixed powdered milk into it to stretch it out. The cream, which like good people, rises to the top. One of my favorite breakfasts was fresh cream with salt and pepper and home baked bread to dip into the sweet and salty mixture. We were skinny kids in spite of how rich that sounds – always seeking food. That could be why we ate nearly anything put in front of our faces. But it was real food mixed with sunshine and soil as we explored the great outdoors. It amazes me that people purchase yogurt today to introduce bacteria into their digestive system. Seems to me we should not have removed ourselves from it in the first place. We received a recipe for yellow cheese – it will be in our cookbook. So, please send us more recipes and names of people we can interview for stories… help us preserve those great memories and pay respect to our grandparents and great grandparents that settled a portion of North Dakota.


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Working on books, working, gardening, baking, canning, knitting, crocheting, reading, walking, getting older, getting wiser, love my children, love love love my grandchildren.
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One Response to How many people know?

  1. Carmen says:

    My mother often made cottage cheese, finally straining off the whey and bringing it to the breakfast table. My grandfather and dad liked fresh cottage cheese with plenty of pepper and crunchy radishes fresh from the garden sliced and salted on top.


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