Our Kochbuch project

To coincide with the Ashley Centennial in June of 2013, the Germans from Russia Tourism Society is collecting recipes, stories and folklore for a very special cookbook about the food culture of the people who lived in McIntosh, Emmons and Logan Counties.

Please consider being a part of this important documentation of the food culture of the Germans from Russia. Our mother’s taught us to cook, but the connection between food, farms and families has been lost.

There is a new generation of cooks hungry for the knowledge of bread baking, kuchens and pies; the art of strudels or dumplings; gardening; foraging for native fruits; making butter, butchering chickens and doing what ever necessary to feed a family.

We are looking for recipes and traditions that are particular to the Germans from Russia culture. Think about how your grandmother made sauerkraut, watermelon pickles, ice cream, special holiday sweets, dough foods, sausages, head cheese, pickled pigs feet, etc. etc.

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact: Sue B. Balcom at 701-527-5169 or by email: DasGuteEssen@hotmail.com or Carmen Rath Wald at 701-754-2504.


About spidersue

Working on books, working, gardening, baking, canning, knitting, crocheting, reading, walking, getting older, getting wiser, love my children, love love love my grandchildren.
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One Response to Our Kochbuch project

  1. Carmen says:

    Thinking about a story about my dad riding horseback and carrying a syrup pail. It had beer in it and the ride was bumpy. The cover blew off! Thinking about you dad.


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